Thank you for taking the time to learn about licensing and certification with Celebrating Life Ministries. There are Provincial Government requirements as well as the requirements of our organization. If you have been on a journey to discover how to become licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in Ontario you know that it is not an easy process, nor should it be! There is no such thing as a legal, government recognized online ordination. Although some organizations say it is possible, it is not. Read this excerpt directly from the Provincial Website;

Who is Allowed to Perform Marriages in Ontario

If you are getting married in Ontario, you may have a religious marriage or a civil marriage.

Religious Marriage

A religious marriage is performed by a religious official of a recognized religious organization who has received authorization from the Office of the Registrar General to perform marriages in Ontario under the Marriage Act. The marriage can be solemnized under the authority of a marriage license or the publication of banns, depending on the religious body.

Note: Banns shall not be published where either parties to the intended marriage had a previous marriage which has been dissolved or annulled.

List of Religious Officials

Civil Marriage

An Ontario judge, justice of the peace or municipal clerk may perform a marriage under the authority of a marriage license.  Each municipality will set its own fees and now has the option to offer civil marriage services. Contact your municipal office for more information. 

List of Ontario Municipal Offices

As you can see there are three groups who can officiate a legal wedding ceremony in Ontario. Judge or Justice of the peace, City Clerk and Clergy...end of story. These are not our rules they are the rules of the Province of Ontario. Most people who wish to perform weddings are not interested in becoming a judge or city clerk. The other option is clergy. In order to become clergy a person must connect, get ordained and take all necessary training with a government recognized religious denomination. Every denomination had to submit bylaws, rules and many written statements to the Registrar General in order to qualify for denominational status. Every denomination is obligated to abide by their bylaws or risk losing status.

Now it is possible to connect with a handful of denominations in Ontario that will "give out" ordination and licensing with out consideration of proper training, accountability and performance quality. These values cannot be ignored or the entire Life Celebration world will become compromised.

Celebrating Life Ministries is committed to proper training, legitimate certification and investing in the lives of people who have passion and giftedness for performing Life Celebrations in the Province of Ontario. Please know that this means abiding by all government and denominational standards. We cannot bend the rules and we certainly will not break the rules to see people licensed. If you are willing to take all the steps necessary, according to the standards of CLM and the Province of Ontario and commit to ongoing accountability and training then register for an upcoming training course. If you are excited to proceed with certification with CLM, please follow these steps.