Thank you for taking the time to learn about licensing and certification with Celebrating Life Ministries. If you have been on a journey to discover how to become licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in Ontario you know that it is not an easy process, nor should it be! There are Provincial Government requirements as well as the requirements of our organization. Our site is intended to help bring clarification and understanding to the Ontario Marriage office requirements and qualifications for clergy.


who is allowed to perform marriages in ontario?

Religious Marriage

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This site gives guidance for licensing as a religious professional in the Province of Ontario

certification and licensing with celebrating life ministries

clm quick facts

  • A Province of Ontario recognized religious denomination.
  • A religious organization committed to the values and practices of the Christian Faith.
  • Committed to celebrating an individuals gifts and abilities above their education.
  • CLM provides ordination and certification.
  • Committed to proper training and accountability.
  • Training is mandatory.
  • There is regular accountability and inspiration.
  • Everyone licensed by CLM must abide by all the standards and bylaws of CLM as required by CLM & the marriage act.
  • Values driven.
  • Founded by the internationally recognized Life Celebration Specialists, Wayne & Rosanne Prevett.

why clm

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clm training is

1 Practical. All of our training is hands on, in person training. Our leadership and facilitators are seasoned Life Celebration Specialists who are actively leading and officiating Life Celebrations.

2 Professional. You will be trained and certified to be a professional Life Celebration Specialist. With our training being done by the best in Canada and we know with confidence that you will be empowered and equipped to be professional in every way. 

3 Personal. We are committed to your personal success as a Life Celebration Specialist. Our training is done by professionals. Our resources and coaching are made to match your needs.