Denise Alleyne - Serving The Greater Toronto Region


The Personal Side of Denise

  • Wife and business partner of Brenton Alleyne, founder of Alleyne’s Gentleman’s Grooming Centre (
  • Mother to two beautiful young ladies
  • The second of four children
  • I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend
  • Blessed with many nieces and nephews
  • I love to travel to different places

The Professional Side of Denise

  • I am a business owner
  • I am an ordained minister
  • I have been involved in many weddings, dedications, and funerals

The Passionate Side of Denise

  • I am passionate about my family and our business
  • I am passionate about people; people matter
  • I am passionate about helping people… look, live, feel and be their best
  • I am passionate about life; every day is a gift