Ken Davis - Serving The Markham Region


The Personal Side of Ken

  • I am a husband, Dad and grandfather
  • I was born in Pittsburgh
  • I am a ministerand son of a minister
  • I love the outdoors and I love people
  • I am definitely a dog lover!
  • I love humor!
  • I love music
  • And I especially love people!

The Professional Side of Ken

  • I was educated at Nyack College, just outside of NYC, Asbury Seminary and Fuller Seminary where I received my D.Min
  • I have served in the GTA for 25 years--doing hundreds of weddings and memorial services
  • I have led organizations and staff that specialize in people services

The Passionate Side of Ken

  • I am passionate about making a difference in the world--and in people's lives
  • I am passionate about serving others with care and sensitivity
  • I am passionate about my wife and family