Professional Communication Course

The unique service the officiant brings to the wedding day is communication. They do not create flowers, provide limos or DJ services. They do not take pictures or organize the day, they communicate. Your ceremonies will be remembered by the words that were spoken and perhaps most importantly, the way in which you delivered those all important words.

We believe that the ceremony should be delivered with passion and excellence. We also know that there is a serious lack of professional communicators among Officiants. Many just get by with little to no expression or passion. Couples have been telling us for years that the services we have officiated are remembered for years after the wedding day, that their ceremony was "the best part of the day". We have been reminded by so many professionals that our ceremonies are fun, powerful and delivered with an unmatched passion.

Rosanne and I have been professional communicators all of our lives. We have spoken to large and small groups, corporate groups, government agencies and have officiated more than 5000 wedding ceremonies and thousands of funeral and memorial services. With a growing desire to bring a higher level of professionalism to Officiants worldwide, we are offering our expertise and tips on how to become a world-class communicator. Although what we share can be made relevant in any context, we will be working with course participants to do their best work in the context of Life Celebrations. There are few situations more demanding and emotionally charged then a wedding or funeral. It takes a special person and skill set to be an excellent orator in this context. 

We are inviting those interested in raising their level of communication professionalism to join us for a single day of learning and experimentation with other likeminded people. We are confident that we can equip you with the necessary tools and inspire you through our own experiences and stories to become the best. 

We are currently offering this course two times per year. It is our desire to keep the course size more imitate in size providing as much hands on as possible with each participant. The cost of this course is 500.00.

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