Course Feedback

What an absolutely wonderful course! I didn't have much expectation going into the training but it went above what I could imagine! It was short, concise, detailed and interactive but overall it not only put the pressure and the weight of what you are doing for couples but you also are taught the great meaning in preforming a wedding!

I was so excited about taking the wedding officiant training.  It was great -- lots of resources and website links, where to look for specifics, how to get paid by visa, mastercard or americanexpress credit cards, having my own website, and lots of experience to draw on from Wayne and Roseanne.  This has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend the wedding officiant course to anyone looking to go into this much-needed profession.
Wendy Smith

"I cannot say enough about the excellent training I received with Celebrating Life...Wayne, Rosanne, and Al were all very patient, funny, and with thousands of wedding ceremonies under their belts, extremely informative. I recommend that anyone interested in becoming a life celebration specialist to take this course.  Their guidance and support never ends." 
Shari-Ann Hamm


As Wayne mentions on his page, only two groups of people can perform marriages in Ontario...City Clerks and Clergy.  I started my career in marriages in the former category.  Working for a municipal government, one of my job duties was to perform civil marriage ceremonies and I thoroughly enjoyed it but unfortunately, a corporate restructuring lead to my services no longer being required in that capacity.  Fast forward a few years and I still had many people asking if I could officiate their wedding ceremony.  This lead me to Wayne and his fantastic organization and in April 2014 I attended his training seminar in London. It was a very thorough and informative session and it was easy to see that Wayne knows his stuff. I knew right then and there that this was something that I wanted to bring into my life. Wayne made the entire process very simple and within a short time I received my licence from the Office of the Registrar General.  The added resources that Wayne supplies, such as personalized websites and ceremony resources, are utterly invaluable.  Wayne has also always been very easy to connect with, he's always a quick email or text away.  As a civil servant, it's not always happy people that I encounter on a day-to-day basis...Celebrating Life Ministries has allowed me to bring that happiness and joy into my career.

Janna Tetler

Hi Wayne:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for facilitating the course this weekend.  I can honestly say out of all the courses I have taken, it was by far the best I have ever attended.  The material was relevant and interesting and it had me questioning the "norm" when it comes to weddings and thinking outside the box. Your skills as a facilitator and mentor are invaluable.  I've never learned so much from an individual in such a short period of time before.  I found myself not wanting to leave because I knew we barely scratched the surface of the knowledge you have to offer! I'm beyond excited at the opportunity you have given me the tools to explore.  I want nothing more than to be excellent at this and be so busy I'm turning to other team members for help. 

The number one thing you said this weekend that really hit home for me was the slide on defining success and how the average person defines it with fame and fortune.  I knew what you were saying was true as I've seen it many times, including in that very classroom, but when you explained that we should be defining success by whether we are impacting people and making a difference, I knew I'd made the right decision to do this. 

I didn't start searching for a course to become rich and famous, I found a course because I want to change people.  I want people to walk away from the best day of their life remembering it as a life changing moment and me having changed them for the better with something that I've said. So once again, thank you, it has definitely been a life changing experience for me and I look forward to working with you and hopefully continuing to learn from you.

Sincerely, Erica Flessatti

Hi, I am a  graduate of the Celebrating Life Ministries Wedding Officiant Training Course.  I can attest to the expertise, professionalism and dedication of Wayne and Roseanne Prevett.  I had contemplated for many months and researched different avenues to becoming a clergy/officiant.  I chose CLM because of their history and because of their honest approach to their program.  I graduated in January of 2014.  I received my license from the Ministry of the Attorney General only a few weeks later. 

My own personal goal is to move in to this area of ministry slowly, but steadily, over the next five years.  I set a goal to solemnize the vows of four couples in my first season.  I surpassed that and solemnized the union of five couples.  All experiences were amazing and unique.  I felt so privileged to contribute this way.  I am happy to say, that out of every ceremony, I was approached afterwards by other couples waiting to marry in 2015.  I have already got five weddings booked, based on the first five I performed.  Recently, as spring approaches, I have had some calls of enquiry.  So, I am anticipating more as I meet with these couples.   

Wayne and Roseanne have a passion for their calling and they convey that in their ernest and hardworking approach.  I find when I send in a question or ask for advice, I always receive a response within a day or so.  With their ongoing support and encouragement, I have no doubt, that my goal to be working full time in this ministry, will be achieved, over the time line I have set for myself.  I know some people would want to move a little more quickly and the Prevett’s will support you, I am sure.  My time line is a bit longer, as I still have young ones at home and am working in other fields as well.  Thus, my “retirement” dream is not to retire, but to move in to a ministry that I love and feel passionate about. 

I am excited about my future as a CLM representative.  Wishing you all the best, as you too pursue your passion. 

Blessing, Joyce Hamelin

Hi Wayne;  

It has been about a year since I took the course with you in London.  One of the first things that struck me about the course is how detailed it gets over the short two day period, but in addition to that how anyone who wants to become a Life Celebrant could benefit from a course such as this.   In my experiences in ministry, I have encountered a number of individuals who were accredited and licensed to perform weddings, but had received no prior training on how to interact with couples, and it showed.  Not only did I learn new skills and processes concerning the Life Celebration business, that I thought I already had a grasp on from a previous relationship with another organization, but I learned that we at Celebrating Life Ministries are quite a large family. 

Already I have had opportunity to meet and work with several other associates and leaders.   I read from another individual how she was impacted by your discussion concerning a definition of success.  When I read that, I was reminded of the importance of our roles in impacting lives in a positive way.  As you may recall, I teach a course at the local community college called Achieving Success. The bulk of that course, while motivational in nature, also deals with the fact that our success is not measured by fame and fortune, but by the legacy we leave behind.  Your course helps us understand that more clearly.   Would I recommend this course to anyone else interested in pursuing this?  Most certainly I would.  I would even go so far as to say the course would be beneficial even to those who choose not to move forward with licensing and accreditation.   

One more thing.  You cannot find this quality of training anywhere else for the bargain price of $600.00.   Thank you Wayne for all you do and have done to promote positive thinking and the concept of positive relationship building.  

Phil Beals ….. Ottawa