police background checks


As people who follow the teaching and practices of the Christian faith, each one of us is called to affirm the inherent giftedness of each person and to serve each other in life-giving ways. Such service includes ensuring that policies and procedures are in place that seek the protection of everyone we serve, including the most vulnerable in our society.


Police record checks may be obtained from a local police authority. The local police authority (local police, provincial police, or RCMP) will vary depending on where you live. Any fee is the responsibility of the individual. The record check remains the property of the individual. Once completed, please scan and send a copy to support@celebratinglife.ca 

Report Required:

The Police Report does not have to include the vulnerable sector check. It is very important to understand that you are requesting the check as clergy not a wedding Officiant.

Please Note: 

The Police check does not have to be completed before training, however we do require it before any paperwork is submitted to the marriage office.