wayne and rosanne prevett

Wayne and Rosanne

Here are a few quick facts about Wayne & Rosanne:

  • They are the founders of Celebrating Life.
  • They both served as lead Pastors in traditional church congregations for more than 15 years.
  • They shared in serving the disenfranchised in the city of St. Thomas ON for 7 years.
  • They have officiated thousands of Life Celebrations over the past 25 years.
  • They are the founders and owners of Kettle Creek Weddings.
  • They are the founders and lead facilitators of Certified Celebrants Association of Canada.
  • They are the founders of Ontario Association of Professional Wedding Officiants.
  • They are the founders of Life Celebration Institute.
  • They love people.
  • They love to inspire people.
  • They love to teach and train others.
  • They are committed to excellence in all they do.
  • They are outstanding communicators.
  • They are successful entrepreneurs creating and running dozens of companies.
  • They are passionate about marriage.